Ms Deanah Shelly

Deanah Shelly


Company & Commercial

Knock knock: are you prepared for a search warrant?
Canada | 15 August 2016

Search warrants have become a common means of obtaining evidence from businesses in all industries. Consequently, many businesses are being forced to deal with these warrants in haste, without sufficient knowledge of their immediate impact on business operations. In light of this, an understanding of what can be done to protect employees and business operations in all provinces and sectors is vital.

Employment & Benefits

Safety incidents: right to remain silent versus obligation to speak
Canada | 08 February 2017

Understanding when an employee has the right to remain silent is crucial to minimising legal actions against employees, co-workers and employers. While a person should generally refrain from providing a statement to the police until receiving legal advice, legislation in Canada grants health and safety inspectors and environmental officers broad and largely unfettered power to make inquiries of any person relevant to an inspection.