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Mattea Pullicino


Employment & Benefits

Maltese perspective on EU Whistleblowing Directive
Malta | 05 February 2020

In 2013 Malta promulgated the Protection of the Whistleblower Act. However, as few EU member states have similar whistleblower protection legislation, on 16 December 2019 the EU Whistleblowing Directive entered into force. So what does this mean for Malta?

Paid apprenticeships – a step in the right direction?
Malta | 25 September 2019

The Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship Act provides a framework for the development of effective work placements, apprenticeships and internships. It outlines responsibilities and governance structures, while defining the rights and obligations for vocational education and training providers, sponsors and learners. Despite its introduction in March 2018, few employers and students are aware of this legislation.

Employers should wait for criminal court decisions before terminating employment
Malta | 22 May 2019

Industrial Tribunal cases tend to be sensitive in nature as they essentially deal with a person's livelihood; however, when the Industrial Tribunal is faced with matters which have also been referred to the courts of criminal jurisdiction, such cases are even more complex. In particular, there are questions around how an employer should regulate itself regarding an employee's employment when it is confronted with a pending decision by the criminal court.