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Amit Bechler

Lawyer biography

Mr. Bechler is an associate in FBC’s Labor & Employment practice, regularly advising domestic and multinational clients on various labor and employment related matters, including in complex litigation proceedings in different courts and tribunals. In particular, he has experience in representing employers in collective disputes and class actions in the field of labor and employment law.

Mr. Bechler has experience in accompanying employers in collective negotiations, reorganizations and layoff procedures. In addition, he provides general counsel to corporations and individuals on a wide scope of collective and personal employment matters.

Mr. Bechler leads the Firm’s immigration practice and is proficient in the various procedures for obtaining work permits and work visas for foreign employees in Israel. He regularly accompanies and guides multinational companies in proceedings for relocating employees to Israel. His extensive labor and employment law experience provides clients a comprehensive and full-range service in all aspects relating to the employment of workers in Israel, including negotiating and drafting employment contracts, and advice regarding employment terms and legal rights of foreign employees in Israel.

Bar Admission

Israel, 2014


Haifa University, LL.B. (Magna Cum Laude), 2013




Employment & Immigration

COVID-19: entry of foreign executives and businesspeople
Israel | 04 November 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel imposed significant restrictions on foreign nationals' entry into Israel. The Population and Immigration Authority and the Ministry of Health recently published a procedure that allows executives and businesspeople from so-called 'green countries' to obtain a permit to visit Israel for business visits of up to seven days.

Parliament passes amendment to Equal Pay Law for Male and Female Workers
Israel | 23 September 2020

Parliament recently passed the Equal Pay Law for Male and Female Workers (Amendment 6) (5780-2020), which aims to prevent discrimination based on sex with respect to salary and other work-related benefits. The law is based on the presumption that female and male workers employed at the same workplace should receive equal pay for the same work or for substantially similar work and provides another tool to remedy the gender pay gap.

COVID-19: exceptional cases in which Population and Immigration Authority will allow foreigners to enter Israel
Israel | 22 July 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as of March 2020, Israel prohibited foreign nationals from any country from entering its borders, including citizens who held any kind of visa. Only foreign residents who could prove that their 'life centre' was in Israel could enter the country. In June 2020 the Population and Immigration Authority published a list of exceptional cases in which it will allow foreigners into the country. This article outlines these exceptional cases.

Population and Immigration Authority issues guidelines regarding visas for foreigners due to COVID-19
Israel | 15 April 2020

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, and the significant restrictions imposed on foreign nationals entering Israel, the Population and Immigration Authority has issued a series of guidelines regarding visas for foreigners and foreign workers in Israel. This article summarises the relevant instructions.

Employing experts and foreign employees in Israel
Israel | 28 February 2020

In this era of globalisation, there is a growing need for companies and business organisations to relocate foreign workers in order to perform various tasks that require knowledge, expertise or proven management capabilities (whether these tasks be permanent, long term or temporary). This article outlines the steps that employers should take in order to employ foreign workers.

Israeli labour and employment law – an overview
Israel | 20 November 2019

Israeli employment law is a blend of continental and common law legal systems. Employment protection laws – a set of laws that provide minimum conditions for all employees, irrespective of their wage levels – are at the foundation of employment law in Israel. Failure to comply with these requirements may constitute a criminal offence and further expose an employer to liability for damages.

Foreign worker permits: frequently asked questions
Israel | 15 February 2019

Israeli and international organisations seeking to employ foreign workers in Israel in management positions or in positions that require special expertise or training must apply for a foreign expert work permit (B/1 permit) from the Population and Immigration Authority. The employment of foreign workers without a proper work permit constitutes a criminal offence, which may lead to fines and other criminal penalties being levied on the employer and its senior management, as well as on the employees.