Mr Foo Joon Liang

Foo Joon Liang



High Court rules on statutory adjudication
Malaysia | 11 August 2015

The High Court recently considered whether the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act applies retroactively to contracts entered into and disputes arising before the act came into force. In a lengthy judgment, the High Court found that Parliament's intention was to apply the act to all construction contracts – including payment disputes under construction contracts – regardless of when they were made.

Arbitration awards may be enforced within 12 years of registration
Malaysia | 23 December 2014

In a recent Federal Court case, the court held that an arbitration award may be enforced within 12 years of the date on which the award is registered as a judgment of court. The court's judgment has given equal treatment, insofar as the statute of limitations is concerned, to a judgment arising from registration of an arbitral award and a judgment pronounced at the conclusion of a court-conducted litigation.