Ms Lee Sze Ching (Ashley)

Lee Sze Ching (Ashley)



Apex court rules that foreign employee on successive fixed-term contract is permanent employee
Malaysia | 14 July 2020

Employers can offer fixed-term contracts to their employees (often for economic or management reasons). However, such prerogative is subject to scrutiny by the Malaysian courts so that it does not fetter employees' rights in terms of employment security. The Federal Court recently delivered a groundbreaking decision on this matter concerning a foreign employee.

COVID-19: courts go online to regulate administration of justice
Malaysia | 12 May 2020

In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, the government introduced the Movement Control Order (MCO). During the MCO period, all courts and offices of advocates and solicitors are closed. However, a judicial notification of 26 March 2020 stated that parties can apply to the courts for an online hearing of civil matters via an e-review system, an exchange of emails or a video conference, subject to certain conditions.

Attorney general's discretion is not unfettered
Malaysia | 14 May 2019

The attorney general is a public officer who has been given ample discretionary power under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution to institute, conduct or discontinue any criminal proceedings. The question is, where a public officer's decision is subject to judicial review, does this equally apply to the attorney general?