Ms Melis Sılacı Korkmaz

Melis Sılacı Korkmaz

Lawyer biography

Melis is an associate in the Commercial and Corporate Department at Gün + Partners since 2013.  She received her LL.B. from Galatasaray University Faculty of Law. She is fluent in both English and French.
Melis’ main area of practice is commercial dispute resolution. She advises and represents both national and international clients before various courts in their commercial law, law of obligations, construction and real estate related disputes. She also is a member of the firm's French desk.
She is also experienced in labour law. She advises and represents clients in relation to a wide range of labour law issues including preparation and negotiation of employment contracts, personnel management, non-compete and non-disclosure obligations, employment accidents, re-instatement actions.
She also has a special focus on human rights law. She took part in the initiation of a liability action against the State for the negligence and deficiencies in the conduct of the trial by Turkish courts and also made applications to the Turkish Constitutional Court on the basis of denial of a fair trial.


Employment & Benefits

Amendment of regulation regarding employee consent for overtime
Turkey | 03 January 2018

Overtime in Turkey is regulated by the Labour Act and the Regulation on Overtime. Following criticism from legal scholars, the Regulation on Overtime was recently amended. The amendment has clarified that an employee's written consent for overtime can be obtained through an employment contract or during the employment relationship if needed. Therefore, obtaining employee consent at the beginning of each year is no longer required.


Justification of court decisions – an overview
Turkey | 23 July 2019

The justification of court decisions is regarded as a key element of the right to a fair trial. In Turkey, this right is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as the Turkish Constitution, the Code of Civil Procedure and Supreme Court precedents. However, in practice, judgments are sometimes made without providing any justification as to why the parties' claims and evidence were not taken into account.

Preliminary injunction procedure
Turkey | 10 April 2018

Preliminary injunctions in Turkey are regulated under the Code of Civil Procedure. A preliminary injunction can be requested from the competent court that has jurisdiction over a case prior to filing or the court before which a case is filed. Applicants must determine the grounds for making such a request in addition to the nature of the preliminary injunction being sought. They must also prove their claim to convince the court that the merits of the case are legitimate.

Court decides on issuance of certificate of inheritance for foreign-owned real estate
Turkey | 25 April 2017

If a foreign national who owns real estate in Turkey dies, his or her successors must have recourse to the Turkish courts and obtain a certificate of inheritance in order to complete the transfer of the real estate under their names before the land registry or be able to legally dispose of the property in any manner. A recent case illustrates that this issue can be overcome by the submission of specific documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries, testament or notary statements.

General assembly resolution with forged signature declared void
Turkey | 03 May 2016

A recent Court of Appeals case concerned a resolution taken at a general assembly meeting where the signature of the shareholder plaintiff's representative had been forged. As it was established without doubt that the signature on the general assembly meeting minutes did not belong to the plaintiff's representative, the court declared that the decisions taken at the general assembly were null and void.