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Pelin Baysal


Arbitration & ADR

Unbreakable deadlock in consumer disputes: mandatory mediation and solution proposals
Turkey | 11 June 2020

Bill 2/2735, which has been presented to the president of the Grand National Assembly, proposes that actions filed directly before the consumer courts be subject to mandatory mediation before proceeding to court adjudication. This article examines Turkey's success with regard to the fair and swift resolution of consumer disputes and explores how the bill can add to this success.


Supreme Court view on adapting contracts due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates
Turkey | 04 September 2018

Turkey has recently faced higher currency exchange rates, which has raised the question of whether this increase constitutes a change in circumstances that affects the fulfilment of contractual obligations. As there is no settled Supreme Court precedent regarding whether a fluctuation in currency exchange rates requires the adaptation of contracts, first-instance courts will need to examine the circumstances of each case.