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International Trade

Taking back control – all you need to know but never dared to ask about the UK sanctions regime
United Kingdom | 04 June 2021

By contrast to a good part of UK law post-Brexit, the United Kingdom's autonomous sanctions regime is not a simple 'copy and paste' of existing EU law. The United Kingdom is keen to demonstrate that it is a robust player on the global stage, which includes lively sanctions activity and enforcement. As such, UK domestic legislation has introduced harsher penalties and in places goes further than the EU counterparts to which it was formerly bound.

Tariff-free trade? Understanding rules of origin
United Kingdom | 02 April 2021

Following its exit from the European Union, a key aspect of the United Kingdom's trade policy has been to conclude free trade agreements (FTAs) with other countries and trading blocs. To that end, the United Kingdom has been negotiating 'roll over' FTAs to replace the European Union ones. While FTAs offer significant benefits, they also raise new challenges for businesses which are not accustomed to navigating the complex rules of origin set out in these agreements.