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Insolvency & Restructuring

Security value of floating charge in restructuring – latest precedent
Finland | 30 November 2018

In January 2015 two Supreme Court precedents indicated that assets subject to floating charges should be valued at their feasible liquidation value; however, under these precedents, the valuation terms were somewhat ambiguous and certain liquidation costs remained undetermined. The court's latest precedent addresses the equal treatment of creditors in both restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings and clearly improves the predictability of floating charges as securities in the former.

Bankruptcy estate's liability for maintenance charges
Finland | 27 May 2016

The Supreme Court recently set a precedent regarding the liabilities of a bankruptcy estate in a case that concerned maintenance charges of a limited liability golf company. The legal question subject to the precedent was whether the maintenance charge receivables of the golf company in connection with the golf company's shares were liabilities of the bankruptcy estate.

Validity of retention of title in bankruptcy
Finland | 30 October 2015

Retention of title can be based on either a separate condition in a sales agreement or a specific agreement referred to in the Hire-Purchase Act. A retention of title clause may be used to ensure the seller's rights in circumstances where the seller has no other form of security against the buyer's insolvency. However, it should be drafted carefully to ensure that it remains effective in the event of the buyer's bankruptcy.

Duty of bankruptcy administrator to report offences
Finland | 01 November 2013

A recent amendment to the Bankruptcy Act regulates the duty of the bankruptcy administrator to report offences committed by the bankruptcy debtor. When filing a report on a debtor's suspected offence, the administrator must assess the effect that the suspected offence has on claims in bankruptcy and on the scrutiny of the bankruptcy estate.

Finnish branch offices and bankruptcy
Finland | 01 February 2013

Overseas companies often use branch offices to expand into new markets due to their relative simplicity and cost efficiency. The role of branch offices in potential insolvency situations is a significant issue for the creditors of such companies. In the event of Finnish bankruptcy proceedings involving a branch office of a foreign company, the Bankruptcy Act regulates the opening of proceedings.

Recovery of assets: gratuitous transactions in a corporate group
Finland | 02 March 2012

Section 6 of the Act on the Recovery of Assets to a Bankruptcy Estate sets out the rules regarding the setting aside of gifts or gift-like transactions. This provision can have a significant impact on transactions that take place within a corporate group, or that are otherwise affiliated with a corporate group.

International jurisdiction of Bankruptcy Court on claims for recovery of assets
Finland | 24 June 2011

A Finnish debtor declared bankrupt in Finland may have foreign creditors and business partners. It is not uncommon that a transaction between an insolvent Finnish debtor and a foreign counterpart may give rise to a claim for recovery of assets. In such cases, the forum for handling the recovery claim will have a significant impact on both the bankruptcy estate as the claimant and the foreign counterpart as the defendant.