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Aviation 2020: year in review
Bahamas | 14 April 2021

In 2020 the Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas made several important advances despite the COVID-19 pandemic, including restoring and boosting air travel to, from and within The Bahamas, presenting three pieces of legislation to Parliament and addressing other ongoing challenges. These developments will place the country on a strong footing as it emerges from the pandemic.

Dawning of a new age: proposed legislation shapes future of aviation
Bahamas | 27 January 2021

The introduction of three new bills will herald the dawning of a new age in aviation in The Bahamas and position the jurisdiction to attain the international recognition that it deserves. These bills – the Civil Aviation Bill, the Civil Aviation Authority Bill and the Air Navigation Services Authority Bill – address the issues arising from, and remedy the defects found in, the 2017 International Civil Aviation Organisation audit, the current Civil Aviation Act and the Civil Aviation (General) Regulations.

Efforts to restore and boost air travel
Bahamas | 25 November 2020

Like the rest of the world, the Bahamian aviation sector continues to reel from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D'Aguilar recently addressed the easing of restrictions on air travel to, from and within The Bahamas. A travel health visa, subject to certain exceptions (eg, children under 10 years of age and crew of commercial airlines), is still required by persons travelling into or within The Bahamas.

Second eclipse for aviation sector?
Bahamas | 02 September 2020

The overall effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the Bahamian aviation sector is unknown and may be for some time; however, there is no doubt that the short-term effects have been severe. Tourism and aviation in The Bahamas go hand in hand, with one affecting the other. The pandemic may provide an opportunity for the country's aviation industry, as there is increasing interest from private aircraft owners and those willing to spend a little more in order to avoid the constraints of scheduled commercial travel.

COVID-19: aviation industry in eclipse?
Bahamas | 22 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the global aviation industry on its head with operations slowly grinding to a complete halt. At present, no international or domestic flights are permitted to operate to, from or within The Bahamas with the exception of those authorised by The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority to conduct cargo or emergency relief flights.

OnDemand: Aviation industry trends – The Bahamas
Bahamas | 01 April 2020

Continued work on the creation of an aircraft registry, the ratification of the Cape Town Convention and preparation for the next International Civil Aviation Organisation audit scheduled for Spring 2021 are the main trends affecting the Bahamian aviation industry in 2020. This video discuss these developments as well as the potential impact of COVID-19.

Aviation 2019: a year in review
Bahamas | 25 March 2020

There was much progress in The Bahamas' aviation sector in 2019; in particular, the completion of the runway rehabilitation project at the country's gateway airport and the aircraft registry project. Unfortunately, there were also a few setbacks. This article provides an overview of the main issues that affected the aviation sector in The Bahamas over the past 12 months.