Ms Caitlin M Russo

Caitlin M Russo


Competition & Antitrust

Antitrust lawsuit shows DOJ support of steering transparency initiatives
USA | 14 July 2016

The Department of Justice recently signalled further strong support for tools to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, including improved transparency for patients and the removal of impediments to steering patients to low-cost or high-quality healthcare providers. Providers contemplating contractual restrictions on insurer steering are encouraged to ensure that such restrictions are reasonably necessary to achieve legitimate business objectives.

Judge dismisses monopolisation claims against Sutter Health
USA | 18 July 2013

A San Francisco federal judge has dismissed without prejudice allegations that Sutter Health, a large hospital system in northern California, unreasonably restrained trade and monopolised the market for healthcare services in northern California through imposing tying and exclusive dealing arrangements in its contracts with health plans.

Scope of antitrust immunity in government-owned hospital mergers tightened
USA | 14 March 2013

​In a unanimous and favourable decision for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Supreme Court has found that the state action immunity doctrine does not shield Phoebe Putney Health System's acquisition of Palmyra Park Hospital from antitrust scrutiny, sending the parties back to FTC administrative litigation to battle over the legality of the hospital merger.