Ms Natalie Theresa Sinicrope

Natalie Theresa Sinicrope


White Collar Crime

Setting a rogue to catch a rogue: the changing face of Lincoln's Law
USA | 22 August 2016

Since January 2009, the government has recovered more than $30 billion through False Claims Act cases, more than half of which was recovered from cases involving alleged fraud against federal healthcare programmes. False Claims Act cases are now more complex, lucrative and healthcare focused than ever – a far cry from the act's humble beginnings as a solution to the problem of fraudulent sales to the military during the American Civil War.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: 2014 in review
USA | 05 May 2015

Although the government has added new players to its line-up, the game seems to be the same in the world of Foreign Corruption Practices Act enforcement, as the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission continued to push for strong enforcement in 2014. As in 2013, the DOJ continued to emphasise the importance of corporate compliance and cooperation with investigators.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: 2013 in review
USA | 24 March 2014

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act remained a key issue in 2013. The number of cases commenced under the act by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission was slightly above pace from the previous year, providing evidence of the agencies' continued commitment to aggressive pursuit of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases.