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Intellectual Property

What to do when your product is copied
South Africa | 15 July 2019

South Africa has seen a dramatic rise in entrepreneurial activity, with many seeking to launch new products in the marketplace. However, with the success of a product comes the risk of the idea being copied and advantage being taken of the already established route to market, thereby affecting the original product's sales and brand. Therefore, any party that creates or legitimately distributes a product that they believe will be well received must take the appropriate steps to protect it.

Don't file your cannabis trademarks… yet
South Africa | 14 January 2019

The Constitutional Court's recent judgment decriminalising the private use of cannabis has garnered significant attention in South Africa. As predicted, the judgment has encouraged a number of existing and potential companies to create a brand for their business in order to grow and distribute cannabis in South Africa. Unfortunately, most of these businesses must delay their plans for their brand's trademark application – although possibly not for long.

Online shoppers beware – don't let your bytes bite back!
South Africa | 30 October 2017

As online consumer confidence grows in South Africa, the online market is becoming an increasingly attractive space for counterfeiters and fraudsters. Counterfeiting not only affects consumers and brand owners, but can also weaken a country's economy and impact its ability to attract foreign investment. However, consumers have the antidote to counterfeiting and, as such, must make sure to use it.

Protecting IP rights requires tailored approach
International | 27 June 2016

While demand for branded goods is growing and counterfeit goods are on the increase, the IP rights protection measures available to rights holders differ from country to country, but remain largely inadequate in most African countries. As a result, a 'one size fits all' anti-counterfeiting strategy cannot easily be applied or adopted to cover the key regions and territories in Africa.