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Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza



Aircraft ownership: proving title through registration
Peru | 24 February 2021

While recording aircraft leases in the public registry is in the best interests of both domestic operators and aircraft owners, the public registry does not constitute a title registry for foreign aircraft. Therefore, the rights of owners of foreign aircraft that operate in Peru may be seen as being insufficiently public under local laws. However, genuine registrations have been extended to cover the supporting documents which record title information, providing reassurance to owners of foreign aircraft that operate in Peru.

Impact of new security interest regime on aircraft finance
Peru | 18 November 2020

In 2018 the Security Interest Law was replaced by Legislative Decree 1400, which approved the security interest regime but is not yet in force. It is hoped that after Legislative Decree 1400 enters into force, it will become clear how parties can take the best advantage of the security interest on aviation-related assets (eg, aircraft, engines and rentals income), despite any delays that the new law may introduce.

Wakanda-esque restrictions – forever?
Peru | 09 September 2020

The closure of Peru's borders and the restrictions placed on international flights to and from the country due to COVID-19 have had a highly negative effect on tourism and its related industries. While the ongoing health emergency should not be underestimated, the time to reassess the aviation restrictions has arrived. The aviation industry should at least expect the government to provide clarity with regard to when international operations for passengers will be resumed.

OnDemand: Aviation industry trends – Peru
Peru | 05 August 2020

The resumption of aviation activities following the COVID-19 shutdown will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge that the Peruvian aviation industry faces in the coming months. Health and safety concerns, the frequency of and demand for flights and the maintenance of airport slots are issues that airlines and the aviation authorities must tackle head on. This video discusses these issues as well as the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic looks set to have on airport infrastructure in Peru.

Aviation legislation takes baby steps towards recovery
Peru | 29 July 2020

The situation faced by the aviation industry is serious and it is likely to be among the sectors which will take the longest to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic despite its importance to the development of a connected world. This article examines recent amendments to Article 274 of the Regulations of the Civil Aviation Law which aim to address the effects of the pandemic on the Peruvian aviation industry.