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Courtney Lynch


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Moving projects forward in face of COVID-19
USA | 16 March 2020

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has now passed 115,000. Although economic loss can never compare to the loss of human life that so many have experienced across the globe, the construction industry should prepare for the inevitable business interruptions that will occur as this global pandemic hits the United States, delays in schedule occur and losses are felt economically.

It's just dirt, or is it? What you don't know on an excavation site can hurt you, or at least cost you money
USA | 16 July 2018

Underground utilities and pipelines pose potential problems for excavators and other contractors performing work below ground. Whether a business involves the construction of buildings primarily above ground or running pipes or cables below, there are issues to consider where a construction involves excavations. Ultimately, excavators must use care to avoid damaging marked lines and take all reasonable steps to protect underground facilities, pipelines and on-site people from harm.