Ms Camila Mendes Vianna

Camila Mendes Vianna


Energy & Natural Resources

ANP issues draft resolution regarding foreign trade activities
Brazil | 08 October 2018

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels recently published Public Hearing and Public Consultation Notice 13/2018. The notice divulges a new draft resolution to control foreign trade activities relating to biofuels, petroleum and its by-products and natural gas by-products. The draft resolution also revamps the previous consent procedure for requests to import and export these products in view of the new resolution and provides for subsidies.

Brazil takes new steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Brazil | 24 September 2018

Since 2017 Brazil has been developing an environmental public policy which supports a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. For this purpose, the Ministry of Mines and Energy instituted the RenovaBio programme, a federal and state programme which seeks to identify and review all types of biofuel in the Brazilian energy sector based on certain criteria. Further, the National Council for Energy Policy is expected to implement a 10-year plan to ensure an 8.6% reduction in the petroleum market.

Shipping & Transport

Court demands unequivocal proof of insurer's subrogation in damages suit
Brazil | 13 May 2020

The São Paulo Court of Appeals recently issued a ruling in a redress lawsuit filed by an insurer against an ocean carrier, confirming the lack of proof of subrogation and disregarding the cargo survey carried out unilaterally by the insurer's surveyor. The case concerned cargo damage which had allegedly occurred during ocean carriage from Shanghai to Santos.