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Gaurav Dayal


Corporate Finance/M&A

Thinking outside the (locked) box: post-closing adjustment mechanisms
India | 04 November 2020

In the realm of M&A and private equity (PE), pricing a deal is not an exact science. Despite in-depth financial, business and legal due diligence, the buyer can never be certain that they are not overvaluing or undervaluing the target. Add a pandemic to the mix, and this uncertainty as to valuations is further magnified. This article takes a closer look at various post-closing adjustment mechanisms used in PE and M&A deals involving Indian private companies.

Restrictions on FDI from bordering countries
India | 09 September 2020

In light of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, India has adopted a similar approach to the United States and Europe and restricted foreign direct investment from certain jurisdictions. By way of a notification issued by the Department of Economic Affairs, the government has introduced measures to curb opportunistic takeovers (direct or indirect) of Indian companies by persons or entities of any country which shares a land border with India.