Mr Sandro Travaglini

Sandro Travaglini


Competition & Antitrust

Federal Administrative Court adopts broad interpretation of merger notification obligation for dominant undertakings
Switzerland | 10 December 2020

Under Swiss competition law, a proposed concentration may trigger a mandatory pre-merger notification obligation if one of the undertakings concerned has been held to be dominant, irrespective of the statutory turnover thresholds. The scope of this provision is controversial. The Federal Administrative Court has now adopted a broad interpretation of the merger notification obligation for dominant undertakings, thereby exacerbating the issues associated with this provision.

Dieselgate: Foundation for Consumer Protection suit not considered on its merits
Switzerland | 20 August 2020

While certain stakeholders consider the existing system of collective redress in Switzerland to be sufficient, it seems possible that the unsuccessful outcome of Foundation for Consumer Protection lawsuits could revive the debate on the strengthening of collective redress in the Swiss legal system, particularly in the context of the ongoing revision of the Civil Procedure Code. In the longer term, this could also lead to a facilitation of collective redress in civil antitrust law, which is currently extremely challenging.

Energy & Natural Resources

New transparency obligations for commodity companies
Switzerland | 22 February 2021

As of 1 January 2021, companies domiciled in Switzerland that are active in the extraction of raw materials must disclose payments to state authorities or government officials of Sfr100,000 or more per financial year. The new transparency provisions aim to foster responsible behaviour and create a uniform framework by aligning the Swiss provisions with existing standards under EU and US legislation. The new regulations will apply for the first time for the financial year 2022.