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Court declines motion to adjoin insurer to class action
Israel | 30 August 2016

The Central District Court recently declined an insured's motion to file a third-party notice against its insurer in the framework of a class action. The case concerned a claim filed against several electrical appliance traders and importers. In its decision, the court highlighted that leave to file a third-party notice in a class action will be granted only if the defendant presents a proper basis for the liability of the third party.

Insurance commissioner publishes draft guidelines on claims handling
Israel | 13 October 2015

The commissioner of insurance recently published a draft annex to the guidelines that dictate the conduct of insurers during the underwriting process and the claims handling process. The guidelines and the annex are relevant to all entities which file claims or demands against insurers, including insureds, beneficiaries and third parties that have been injured by an insured.

Distribution of insurance products not exclusive to insurance brokers
Israel | 10 June 2014

According to the Financial Services (Insurance) Control Law (1981), a party cannot engage in marketing insurance products unless it holds a valid licence issued by the commissioner of insurance. The Israeli commissioner of insurance recently published draft guidelines for parties which are not licensed insurance brokers.

Commissioner of insurance issues new draft guidelines
Israel | 27 August 2013

The commissioner of insurance recently issued draft guidelines in respect of the limitation period in an insurance contract which includes coverage for disability. Under the guidelines, the insurer must agree to an insured's request to extend the limitation period for an additional two years, provided that certain conditions are met. The commissioner has also issued guidelines for drafting an insurance programme.