Ms Nicola Dunleavy

Nicola Dunleavy



Leapfrog appeals and third-party funding: Persona v Ireland
Ireland | 31 January 2017

In a recent case, the High Court upheld a centuries-old prohibition on litigation funding by a third party in return for a share of the proceeds with the party that has a genuine interest in the case. Both parties sought leave for a leapfrog appeal of the High Court's decision to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court determined that this case did in fact meet the 'exceptional circumstances' requirement to justify a leapfrog appeal.

Changes to the rules on legal costs in environmental cases
Ireland | 27 September 2011

The 2010 Planning Act states that for legal proceedings relating to decisions that give effect to the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive and the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive, each party must bear its own costs, subject to certain limited exceptions.