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International obligations in aircraft accident investigations
Maldives | 18 March 2020

The Maldives looks set to establish an independent authority to oversee the Civil Aviation Authority regarding civil aircraft accidents and incidents. It will also establish legally enforceable mechanisms to empower investigation officers and obtain evidence relating to accidents and incidents. Accident reporting will be mandatory for aircraft operators and pilots. These are just some of the basic principles that the Maldives must adopt in order to maintain its international obligations under the Chicago Convention.

Why the Maldives should ratify the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Equipment Protocol
Maldives | 06 November 2019

If the Maldives ratifies the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Equipment Protocol 2001, it is likely to have a direct and positive effect on airlines, passengers and the Maldives economy as a whole. For example, if borrowing costs reduce, this would pave the way for the acquisition of new modern aircraft with less fuel consumption – ultimately enabling airlines to pass on the benefits to passengers in the form of reduced travel costs.

Passenger rights
Maldives | 26 June 2019

Since Maldivian law contains no compulsory terms and conditions for domestic air carriage, air carriers are free to determine the conditions of carriage. As long as such terms do not violate any other Maldivian laws, they are valid and binding between passengers and consignees. Therefore, it is essential for passengers and consignees to understand the conditions of carriage and their rights in case of an accident, damage or loss of passengers or cargo.

Application of international air law treaties in the Maldives
Maldives | 03 April 2019

The Constitution provides that any international treaty to which the Maldives becomes a party will be enforced only on Parliament's approval and in accordance with any conditions of such approval. Among others, the Maldives has ratified the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the Convention on the International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft. Further, there have been talks about implementing legislation to govern the rights of domestic air passengers.


Precedential decision: Supreme Court rules on enforcement of foreign judgments
Maldives | 27 October 2020

The Supreme Court recently ruled that parties seeking to apply foreign law to a matter in the Maldivian courts have the burden of proving the foreign law to the court. Where a party fails to prove the foreign law, the judge may apply Maldivian law. In light of this, foreign court judgments can be submitted to the Maldivian courts as evidence. Further, a local court decision will be required to enforce a foreign judgment in the Maldives.