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Corporate Tax

New Jersey reconsiders financial transaction tax
USA | 25 September 2020

A troubling New Jersey financial transaction tax proposal, which appeared to be gaining popularity over the past few months, has reportedly been left out of the 2021 budget deal that Governor Phil Murphy recently struck with legislative leaders. The decision to drop the transaction tax from the deal came days after the Wall Street Journal reported that prominent stock exchanges with data centres in New Jersey were prepared to exit the state if the tax plan was adopted.

California bill would make taxpayer information available to public
USA | 19 June 2020

A concerning bill is pending in the California Senate which would require the California state controller's office to make taxpayer information publicly available. The bill would require that the controller post on its website a list of all taxpayers subject to the California corporation tax with gross receipts of $5 billion or more and information about each taxpayer, including tax liability and the amount of tax credits claimed in the previous calendar year.

New York considers 5% gross receipts tax on almost every corporation
USA | 31 January 2020

The New York General Assembly recently introduced Assembly Bill A9112. An identical New York Senate companion bill has been referred to the New York Senate Committee on Budget and Revenues, after being introduced in May 2019. The bills would impose an additional 5% tax on the gross income of every corporation with data-derived income from New York customers, but provide no further details or limitation on the scope of the proposed new imposition language.

Vultures circling as bill to expand CFCA to tax looms in legislature
USA | 13 September 2019

Legislators in Sacramento are mulling over one of the most (if not the most) troubling state and local tax bills of the past decade. AB 1270, which was recently introduced and passed by the California Assembly in May 2019, would amend the California False Claims Act to remove the 'tax bar' – a prohibition that exists in the federal False Claims Act and the vast majority of states with similar laws.

Wisconsin enacts discriminatory exit charge for businesses moving out of state
USA | 19 July 2019

A Wisconsin governor recently signed into law an act that either bars a reduction for, or requires amounts deducted to be added back to, Wisconsin taxable income for moving expenses deducted on federal income tax returns if the expenses are associated with a business moving out of the state or country. However, the act blatantly discriminates against interstate and international commerce and is unconstitutional.

Illinois confirms treatment of deemed repatriated foreign earnings provisions
USA | 30 March 2018

The Illinois Department of Revenue recently issued additional guidance concerning its treatment of the new deemed repatriated foreign earnings provisions found in Internal Revenue Code Section 965, enacted in the federal tax reform bill. The department confirmed key aspects of Illinois' treatment of the repatriation provisions, including that both the income inclusion and deduction provided for in the provisions will be taken into account in determining a taxpayer's tax base.