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Intellectual Property

VNIPO introduces stricter guidelines on authorisation of representatives by IP owners and applicants
Vietnam | 21 December 2020

The Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam recently provided updated regulations on the signed authorisation required to register IP rights in Vietnam, which affect both foreign and local rights owners and applicants. The requirements constitute a more stringent approach towards the authorisation of representatives and the documentation associated with the IP rights registration process. However, for Vietnam's IP regime as a whole, this new approach represents a step in the right direction.

What's in a name? Petsmart Inc fails to prove that Vietnamese pet business infringed its trademark
International | 16 November 2020

US distributor PetSmart Inc recently failed in a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy case against Vietnam-based pet business Pet Mart Vietnam Co Ltd before the World Intellectual Property Organisation's Arbitration and Mediation Centre. The case illustrates the fact that despite the similarity between the two companies' marks, a battle over domain names was not the most definitive method of resolution with respect to trademark enforcement.