Ms Stephany Araújo

Stephany Araújo


Intellectual Property

Life and death: protecting legacy through IP rights
Brazil | 15 March 2021

Although Diego Maradona assigned all of his trademark rights to Sattvica before his death, the Brazilian Patents and Trademarks Office rejected the company's application to register the trademark MARADONA in Brazil based on the Trademark Law. This article discusses the registration of proper names as trademarks and explores the measures that parties can take to ensure that the legacy and goodwill associated with their intellectual property is preserved after their death.

Trademark co-ownership finally possible in Brazil
Brazil | 01 March 2021

The Brazilian Trademark Office recently took an important step towards fully implementing the Madrid Protocol by approving the trademark co-ownership regime for national applications and registrations. This article outlines some of the most important points that trademark practitioners should consider when dealing with applications and registrations under a co-ownership regime in Brazil.