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Hillel T Cohn


Capital Markets

FINRA's 2019 priorities letter highlights broker-dealer online distribution platform activities
USA | 12 February 2019

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently published its 2019 Risk Monitoring and Examination Priorities Letter. Unlike previous letters, the 2019 letter focuses primarily on priorities that FINRA considers to be materially new. The first highlighted priority, online distribution platforms, will be of particular interest to the growing number of companies providing financial services through online platforms.

SEC's standard of conduct proposals would raise the bar on investment advisers
USA | 22 May 2018

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, its recent release proposing an interpretation of the standard of conduct for investment advisers is intended to "reaffirm – and in some cases clarify – certain aspects of the fiduciary duty that an investment adviser owes to its clients under section 206" of the Investment Advisers Act 1940. However, the proposed interpretation, if adopted, appears to expand the parameters of the fiduciary duty standard and could require advisers to take on additional regulatory obligations.

A trio of FINRA notices focused on capital formation issues
USA | 30 May 2017

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently released for comment three regulatory notices that propose amendments to various FINRA rules affecting capital formation. This initiative is part of the comprehensive self-evaluation and improvement initiative that FINRA announced several months ago called the FINRA 360 initiative. The initiative, FINRA's recent request for comment on its engagement efforts and these regulatory notices certainly reflect a new tone.