Ms Sara Baldus

Sara Baldus


Employment & Immigration

Attendance rather than childbirth-related leave determines whether dismissal is lawful
Denmark | 23 October 2019

The Western High Court recently found that the dismissal of an employee who had called in sick on the first day after a period of childbirth-related leave and holiday did not contravene the Act on the Equal Treatment of Men and Women. The judgment exemplifies that if an employee's dismissal has a close temporal connection with their return from childbirth-related leave, this does not automatically raise a presumption of discrimination.

Board of Equal Treatment finds that amendment of homeworking agreement was not discriminatory
Denmark | 02 October 2019

The Board of Equal Treatment recently found that an amendment to a university lecturer's homeworking agreement and her subsequent termination did not conflict with the Anti-discrimination Act. The board held that there had been no indirect discrimination against the lecturer on the grounds of her national or ethnic origin, as it was her choice of residence rather than her ethnic or national origin that had given rise to the situation that led to her termination.