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Energy & Natural Resources

EPA issues climate change regulations for oil and gas
USA | 30 May 2016

The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued New Source Performance Standard Sub-part OOOOa, its climate change regulations for methane and volatile organic compound emissions for the oil and natural gas sector. Although the new rule applies only to newly and recently constructed, reconstructed or modified facilities, it may be a first step towards climate change regulations for older oil and gas sources.

EPA targets oil and gas methane emissions
USA | 07 September 2015

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed new methane and volatile organic compound regulations under the Clean Air Act for the oil and natural gas sector. Specifically, the EPA is proposing expansive amendments to the new source performance standards for the oil and natural gas sector. The proposal addresses new, modified and reconstructed emissions sources across the entire sector.

New rules address earthquake and fracking concerns in Texas
USA | 17 November 2014

The railroad commission of Texas recently amended its existing oil and gas disposal well regulations to require the inclusion of seismic activity data in permit applications and provide more frequent monitoring and reporting for certain wells. The amendments are the result of growing public scrutiny of hydraulic fracking and concerns over a connection between earthquakes and the disposal of frack flowback and produced water.

Colorado's new air rules for the oil and gas sector
USA | 28 April 2014

Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission recently approved amendments to Regulation 7 that will impose stringent hydrocarbon control requirements on oil and gas production operations, including a 'no venting' standard for most storage tanks, an increase in combustion device destruction efficiency to 98% and comprehensive periodic monitoring requirements.

New EPA standard for emissions from fossil fuel-fired electric generating utilities
USA | 07 October 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency recently reproposed the New Source Performance Standard for carbon dioxide emissions from new fossil fuel-fired electric generating utilities. In a significant break from past practice, the New Source Performance Standard will apply only to new sources – modified and reconstructed electric generating utilities will not be subject to the standard.