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Matthew Buckle


Arbitration & ADR

Disruptive technologies in mining industry: opportunities, risk mitigation and resolving disputes
International | 21 January 2021

Technological innovation continues to disrupt the status quo in established industries. While new technologies offer many opportunities within the mining industry, the corresponding risks and potential disputes are not far off. Parties must ensure that they incorporate appropriate contractual protections but also effective and enforceable mechanisms for enforcing their contracts and resolving disputes. A robust and broad arbitration agreement remains one important part of risk mitigation.

Arbitrating M&A disputes: changes in arbitration landscape and the impact of technology
International | 26 September 2019

M&A lawyers mitigate buyer risk through expansive due diligence exercises and tight contractual controls. Arbitration has become a prominent forum for resolving these disputes. For example, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) has reported a significant increase in the number of shareholder, share purchase and joint venture agreements being referred to LCIA arbitration. This article examines the growth of arbitration as a forum for resolving such disputes.

Future of arbitration in world of Big Data
International | 16 November 2017

In time, Big Data will lead to the automation of most human tasks. The change potential for all organisations (and for society at large) is enormous, and it is already happening in an arbitration context. Some will consider that human discretion will always be a necessary part of dispute resolution. However, if arbitration exists to serve the interests of businesspeople – and if technology can offer quicker, cheaper, data-driven solutions that reduce the margin for error – human arbitrators could become irrelevant.