Mr Juan Martín Aulmann

Juan Martín Aulmann


Intellectual Property

First Scent Trademark Registered
Argentina | 09 November 2009

If a certain product provides the container thereof with a distinctive scent, the party marketing that product will logically try to obtain the exclusive right to that scent. The appropriate way to obtain such exclusivity is by registering the scent as a trademark. The National Institute of Industrial Property recently registered its first scent trademark to be applied to the container of a product in Argentina.

Amnesty for Annuity Fees on Granted Patents
Argentina | 18 June 2007

The Patent Office has announced an amnesty period for the payment of missing patent annuities. Although previously the Patent Office accepted patent annuity payments without checking if previous annuities had been paid, the implementation of a different system means that for a short time, payments will be accepted only if previous payments are up to date.

Customs Authority Establishes New IP Rights Registry
Argentina | 02 April 2007

The Argentine Customs Authority has created the Registry of IP Rights within Customs. From April 3 2007 trademark owners will be able to register their trademarks with Customs and will be notified of any imports or exports of goods bearing those trademarks.