Mr Thomas Boone

Thomas Boone

Lawyer biography

Thomas is a partner of Odi-sé Avocats with a wealth of experience in structured finance, debt restructurings and work-outs, acquired in both top ranking international law firms and major financial institutions. This dual practice provides Thomas with a deep understanding of clients' needs and expectations in complex cross-border financing transactions.

Thomas advises the firm’s international and domestic clients on all legal aspects of the purchase, disposal, leasing and financing of aircraft.

Having held expert and senior positions in the legal department of global banking institutions and in law firms, Thomas covers the full spectrum of legal issues surrounding the financing and leasing of large assets, from the structuring of transactions to work outs and default situations, including repossession and insolvency. Thomas speaks French and English and is a member of the Paris bar.



French Aircraft Registry: mortgagees must now elect domicile in Evry
France | 22 January 2020

The French Civil Aviation Authority's Registration Office recently moved from Paris to Athis-Mons. As a result, aircraft mortgage beneficiaries must elect domicile in the jurisdiction of the Evry Tribunal Judiciaire. This will not prove too difficult for French banks, which may elect domicile at a branch in the Court of Evry's territorial jurisdiction; however, foreign lenders and non-banking mortgagees will have to find someone (eg, a notary) who will accept such election of domicile on their behalf.


Challenge of drafting first-demand guarantees
France | 06 December 2019

The Court of Cassation recently clarified its position on first-demand guarantees. Considering the significant consequences for the beneficiary of a guarantee (depending on whether it is characterised as a first-demand guarantee or suretyship), the court's reasoning should be looked at carefully by any drafter of a first-demand guarantee.