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Putting a will in place during the COVID-19 pandemic
Cayman Islands | 07 May 2020

Among myriad other things, the COVID-19 situation demonstrates the importance of having an up-to-date, valid will. Luckily, those who are not frontline or essential workers but are spending their time in lockdown or self-isolation may now have time to catch up on this life admin task. However, due to the current restrictions, making a will is likely to take a different format than normal.

Astral projections: Cayman Islands STAR trusts
Cayman Islands | 06 December 2018

The Special Trusts (Alternative Regime) (STAR) Law introduced so-called 'STAR trusts' into Cayman Islands law to overcome some of the difficulties arising from more conventional offshore trusts. One of the most challenging aspects of establishing a STAR trust is the drafting of the purposes for which it is established. While the STAR Law contains rules to prevent STAR trusts from failing (eg, failure resulting from object and beneficiary uncertainty), there are a number of traps for the unwary.

Cayman Islands foundation companies at a glance
Cayman Islands | 25 October 2018

Foundation companies are a unique structuring option in the Cayman Islands for wealth planning and also serve as holding and special purpose vehicles for commercial transactions and cryptocurrency offerings. Although a foundation company may be used as an alternative to a Cayman trust, a number of features specific to Cayman trust law have been incorporated into the foundation company vehicle which should prove beneficial to investors and private clients.