Mr Jason Carmichael

Jason Carmichael



QR served
Hong Kong | 22 December 2020

The High Court recently approved a novel order providing for service of various court documents on unnamed defendants by allowing the plaintiff to effect service by (among other means) using a quick response code. The proceedings arose out of protests at the airport in 2019 and, given the background to the case and the high-profile nature of the proceedings, the court was satisfied that service of the court documents should reasonably be expected to come to the attention of the defendants.

Final appeal over tea brewing
Hong Kong | 11 August 2015

After several years of litigation, Tsit Wing (Hong Kong) Co Ltd v TWG Tea Company Pte Ltd is headed for Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal. The case and the forthcoming appeal raise special issues relating to (among other things) the proper approach in determining infringement of a registered trademark and aspects of the tort of passing off in Hong Kong.