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Intellectual Property

Olympic brand protection at London 2012
United Kingdom | 13 December 2010

As the 2012 Olympic Games approach, many UK companies may be thinking about the leverage to be gained from the surrounding publicity and excitement. However, the Olympics, Paralympics and London Olympics Association Rights (Infringement Proceedings) Regulations 2010 are in force and the organising committee is already policing infringements of the 2012 brands.

Paying the piracy piper
United Kingdom | 18 October 2010

Under the Digital Economy Act 2010, copyright owners can identify and report internet protocol addresses through which they believe their copyright has been infringed to the relevant internet service provider, which must then fulfil two initial obligations. The cost involved in complying with these obligations will be considerable – and who will bear the brunt of these costs is a highly contentious issue.

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media

Digital content under new Consumer Rights Act
United Kingdom | 21 July 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes into force on October 1 2015. It will reform consumer law in the United Kingdom by establishing new consumer rights and remedies in respect of digital content. Traders will need to ensure that their terms of sale comply with the new regime; in particular, the remedies introduced by the act will require careful consideration.

International data transfers: new binding corporate rules for processors
United Kingdom | 05 February 2013

The Article 29 Working Party has launched binding corporate rules for data processors, which were previously available only to data controllers. Processors can use such rules to ensure that personal data transfers outside the European Economic Area comply with EU data protection rules. With the recent rise in successful UK controller binding corporate rules, the uptake of processor applications is likely to follow suit.

What are data protection regulators looking for in cloud computing contracts?
United Kingdom | 08 January 2013

Until last year there had been little guidance at UK or EU level on data protection principles for cloud computing contracts. However, both the Information Commissioner's Office and the Article 29 Working Party have now published guidance documents on the matter, highlighting the potential issues and providing practical tips for the processing of personal data by suppliers in the European Economic Area.

Is your website breaking the law? How to avoid making the OFT 'naughty list'
United Kingdom | 11 December 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has been scrutinising online retailers' websites and recently placed 62 top online retailers on its 'naughty list' for failing to comply with consumer protection laws. In order to stay on the OFT 'good list', online retailers should continue to review their websites and standard terms to ensure that they remain in compliance with the law.

International data transfers: the rise of binding corporate rules
United Kingdom | 31 July 2012

Citigroup Inc has become the latest of 15 international companies to obtain approval of its binding corporate rules from the Information Commissioner's Office. Approval of its binding corporate rules will give Citigroup a new and flexible way to ensure that any transfers of personal data between its global operations meet the strict EU rules on international data transfers.