Ms Suzan Kurdi

Suzan Kurdi



Orders for pre-action disclosure – exceptional in commercial context?
United Kingdom | 21 July 2020

Although parties are expected to exchange key documents before starting proceedings in the English courts, a recent Commercial Court decision highlights the limited nature of those obligations, particularly in a commercial context. Even though the judge was prepared to accept, albeit with some hesitation, that the jurisdictional threshold for making an order had been met, the application was unsuccessful.

Contribution to legal costs: natural love and affection or calculated self-interest?
United Kingdom | 12 November 2019

When will an order for costs be made against a family member who was not a party to the underlying proceedings but who contributed significantly to funding the losing party's defence? According to a recent case, the answer is when the funder has a personal interest in the litigation.

Economic duress: when is a threat not an (illegitimate) threat?
United Kingdom | 28 May 2019

The Court of Appeal recently examined the circumstances in which a threat not to enter into a contract can amount to economic duress and found that, broadly speaking, it is when pressure is exerted in bad faith. The main thread running through the court's decision is the need for clarity and certainty in contract law, particularly in commercial dealings.

Watch out! Internal settlement negotiations may not always remain internal – West Ham v E20
United Kingdom | 08 January 2019

The Court of Appeal recently found that communications discussing a commercial proposal to settle an existing dispute are not privileged and are therefore subject to scrutiny by the court. Those engaged in litigation should take care not to commit to writing their commercial discussions on settlement and to frame their settlement discussions in terms of the legal advice that they have received on the litigation risks.