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Energy & Natural Resources

Green CUFIN: tax incentive for renewable generation companies
Mexico | 26 October 2020

Green Net Tax Profit Accounts (CUFINs) were established in 2016 as a double tax incentive. The effect of a Green CUFIN is deferral of income tax payment at the corporate level while the shareholders anticipate the benefits of their participation in the entity. This is a valuable incentive for power generation companies and its requirements can be easily complied with through an adequate corporate structure.

Counter-reform: latest developments in battle that has become war
Mexico | 28 September 2020

The new federal government has taken many actions in an effort to prioritise the Federal Commission of Electricity, Mexico's state-owned power company, over other participants in the open electricity market implemented by the 2013 to 2014 energy reform. Now, despite multiple promises from the president that Mexico's energy legislation would not be reformed, his party has announced a legislative plan to embark on a new energy reform.

Crowdfunding as an investment and alternative financing tool for energy projects
Mexico | 03 August 2020

Due to the excessive exploitation of finite resources such as coal and oil, alternative sources of renewable energy are required to satisfy the high demand for energy. However, the creation and use of alternative sources of renewable energy require significant investment, which has become a major obstacle. Against this background, crowdfunding platforms have become an excellent financing option to develop projects focused on generating alternative energy.

Implications of Policy of Reliability, Security, Continuity and Quality of the National Electric System
Mexico | 20 July 2020

The Ministry of Energy recently published the Policy of Reliability, Security, Continuity and Quality of the National Electric System, a regulation which tacitly incorporates competition barriers for intermittent clean energy power plants. The policy allegedly aims to maintain the electricity supply and minimise risks which could prevent final users' electricity demands being met. However, it does not provide sufficient technical grounds to justify said objectives.