Ms Madalena Perestrello

Madalena Perestrello


Arbitration & ADR

Government drafts new arbitration bill
Macau | 12 July 2018

Owing to Macau's current arbitration regime and the difficulties that it poses, foreign investors and partners typically choose other jurisdictions to resolve disputes. Therefore, the government has drafted a new arbitration bill which aims to promote Macau as a commercial arbitration centre between China and Portuguese-speaking countries and take full advantage of Macau's high number of bilingual professionals and its cultural and legal similarities to Portuguese-speaking countries.

Private Client & Offshore Services

New rules for companies incorporated under offshore regime
Macau | 25 April 2019

Since 1 November 1999, hundreds of companies have been incorporated under Macau's offshore regime. However, following the Legislative Assembly's recent approval of Law 15/2018, the offshore regime and its associated companies' days are numbered. Until 1 January 2021, some economic activities relating to foreign markets will continue to benefit from the offshore regime, including those performed exclusively by non-resident institutions authorised to operate in Macau.