Mr David Puente-Tostado

David Puente-Tostado


Employment & Immigration

New regulations introduced for outsourcing services
Mexico | 01 May 2013

The Federal Labour Law was recently amended for the first time in more than 40 years. One of many relevant aspects of the new law is the inclusion of new regulations for outsourcing services. Every company in Mexico using the services or work of a third party must now observe several new rules, each of which presents its own challenges and potential risks.

Projects, Construction & Infrastructure

Key advantages in procurement bids: can labour factors tip the scale?
Mexico | 20 March 2012

The provision of goods and services to public authorities is a lucrative but competitive activity, in which understanding the intricacies of legislation may provide a crucial competitive advantage. Although certain labour-related aspects are often overlooked, they are a crucial strategic element of a well-prepared bid.