Laura Sánchez Barrón


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Administrative measures to expedite marketing authorisation process for foreign medicines and health supplies
Mexico | 09 December 2020

The Ministry of Health has published an accord which aims to provide a larger number of Mexicans with access to more and better medicines and other health supplies. Among other things, the accord establishes that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks must make a decision on applications for marketing authorisations of foreign medicines and health supplies within five working days of the applicant's filing of the corresponding documentation.

Product Regulation & Liability

Food and beverage labelling: remedy to obesity epidemic or constitutional violation?
Mexico | 20 August 2020

Mexico is suffering from a national obesity epidemic; however, it is debatable whether the solution is stricter product marking, labelling and taxation or an approach focused on developing healthier habits and education. The health authorities' latest strategy on food and beverage labelling will likely have a significant economic impact on the food and beverage industry and could be considered a violation of international treaties and agreements.