Ms Andrea Cavazzani S

Andrea Cavazzani S

Lawyer biography

With 10 years of professional experience, Andrea is an associate of the firm since 2011.

Professional Experience:

  • Advised private companies and government agencies, such as the Secretaría del Medio Ambiente del Distrito Federal (Mexico City’s environmental agency), during the drafting of legal reforms and novel legal instruments.
  • Provided legal assistance for domestic and international investment projects related to the environment and natural resources.
  • Provided environmental, real estate, and agrarian & indigenous legal consultation and input during the development of clean energy projects in Mexico.
  • Advised IDOM, a multinational company, on the implementationof the Ley de Zonas Económicas Especiales (Mexican law regardingSEZAs) and on the drafting of its internal regulations on this topic.
  • Advised companies from different industries on the development, implementation, operation and closure of its business in Mexico.
  • Advised companies on internal audits for the evaluation of legal procedures to identify opportunity areas and offer updated systems.
  • Participated in complex audits for obtaining licenses and permits for companies of various industries, considering the municipal, state and federal jurisdictions.

Pratice Areas: 

  • Agrarian and Indigenous Consulting, Environmental and Natural Resources, Mining, Real Estate.


  • Law Degree 2011, Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Diploma in Environmental Law & Management 2011, Centro de Estudios Jurídico Ambientales, Mexico.
  • Diploma in Energy Law 2016, Escuela Libre de Derecho, Mexico


  • Spanish, English


Real Estate

How to make sure that your real estate project succeeds
Mexico | 15 June 2018

In determining the feasibility of a real estate project, an evaluation of the relevant financial and statistical analyses is not enough. Due to the complex and extensive legislative scope that developers now face, they must also consider the legal factors that will affect a project's implementation and operation, including with regard to the authorised use of a property, environmental zoning and ownership requirements, as well as the rights of indigenous communities.