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Agreements on shareholder contributions are not subject to formal requirements
Austria | March 02 2015

The Supreme Court recently held that agreements between shareholders on voluntary capital contributions to a company may be agreed outside the articles of association and are subject to no formal requirements. The decision ensures that shareholders of stock corporations and limited liability companies have flexibility when agreeing on capital contributions outside the articles of association.

Non-participating shareholders may not rely on attendance quorums
Austria | January 20 2014

Pursuant to a recent Supreme Court decision, which confirms and clarifies earlier rulings, shareholders of an Austrian limited liability company that did not participate in a shareholders' meeting may not challenge shareholders' resolutions approved in such meeting on the grounds that attendance quorum requirements for holding a shareholders' meeting were not met.

New legislation increases opportunities for piercing corporate veil
Austria | September 16 2013

The Insolvency Act has recently been amended to provide for an obligation on majority shareholders of insolvent Austrian or foreign capital companies to file for insolvency if the company no longer has at least one managing director. Non-compliance will result in the direct liability of the majority shareholder towards the company's creditors. The amendment thereby introduces a statutory basis for piercing the corporate veil.