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Reductions in minimum share capital for limited liability companies abolished
Austria | March 31 2014

Amendments to Austria's federal tax law – which, among other things, have revised the Limited Liability Companies Act – recently came into force. The minimum share capital of a limited liability company (GmbH) has been raised again to the former level of €35,000. Out of the share capital to be contributed in cash, at least €17,500 must once again be paid in when founding the GmbH.

New Rules Governing Share Registers Introduced
Austria | September 01 2009

The Stock Corporation Amendment Act 2009 has not only brought about important changes to the provisions governing the shareholders' meetings of Austrian stock corporations, but also introduced new rules governing share registers, which must be kept by all stock corporations that have issued registered shares. The new act introduces a procedure that allows a company to seek the deletion of an entry in the share register.