Ms Kriti Kaushik

Kriti Kaushik

Lawyer biography

Ms. Kriti Kaushik is part of the employment law team and has been with the Firm since 2015. She specializes on issues pertaining to rightsizing of workforce, formulating employee-related policies and disciplinary guidelines, regulation relating to overtime, work hours, leave, holidays, severance compensation, etc., analysis of various employment structures such as direct employment, outsourcing, staff augmentation, fixed-term, consultancy, apprentices etc., remuneration and severance of higher management, treatment of employees in business transfers, employee integration and harmonization, closure of factories, social security benefits, employment related requirements while setting up business in India, identification of contract labour arrangements and the necessary safeguards, social security benefits, etc.


Employment & Benefits

Casting a wider net – ESI rates amended
India | 03 July 2019

The Employees' State Insurance (ESI) (Central) Rules 1950 were recently amended to reduce the required rates of contribution to the statutory fund maintained by the ESI Corporation for the provision of sickness and health benefits. The aim of this change is to cast a wider net by expanding social security coverage to a larger part of the population. However, news reports indicate that – as is often the case – the change has come under criticism.

Right foot forward: 2016 amendments to maternity benefits
India | 15 March 2017

The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill 2016 was recently passed by the upper house of Parliament. Key changes include enhanced maternity leave, the introduction of maternity leave for adopting and commissioning mothers and new remote working provisions. The amendments are undoubtedly a positive step towards promoting diversity and the increased participation of women in the workforce in the manufacturing and service industries.