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EPA reverses 'once in, always in' policy for maximum achievable control technology standards
USA | 26 February 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a guidance memo that reverses its interpretation of the 'once in, always in' policy, which locked a source into meeting the maximum achievable control technology standards for major sources of hazardous air pollutants under the Clean Air Act. The revised guidance may provide sources that no longer exceed the major source threshold with the opportunity to reduce burdensome monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements.

Mandatory reporting deadlines approach for manufacturers, importers and users of chemicals
USA | 12 February 2018

The Toxic Substances Control Act inventory reset process is now taking place. The reporting deadline for chemical manufacturers and importers was February 7 2018 and the deadline for all other companies that use chemicals is October 5 2018. Meeting these deadlines is important because a chemical will not be legal for use in the United States if it is not identified, reported (or subject to an exemption) and included in the active Toxic Substances Control Act inventory.

2016 environmental year in review
USA | 17 April 2017

With a new US president and Environmental Protection Agency administrator, the changing environmental priorities and policies have been a major point of emphasis during the first few months of 2017, and there is little doubt that other significant policy developments or rule changes are forthcoming. Notwithstanding these changes, 2016 saw a number of noteworthy rulemakings, court decisions and policy developments.

2015 environmental year in review
USA | 29 February 2016

Whether the issue was climate change, air quality standards or water jurisdiction, the Environmental Protection Agency's landmark rulemakings dominated the environmental headlines in 2015. This update highlights the decisions, rulemakings and policy determinations that are likely to have precedential effect and may represent long-term trends affecting the environment and regulated entities during 2016 and beyond.

2014 environmental year in review
USA | 20 April 2015

During 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a number of important policy decisions and new regulations, and the courts issued opinions in key environmental cases. This update summarises some of these actions, focusing on those that likely will have precedential impacts and may represent long-term trends affecting the environment and regulated entities during 2015 and beyond.