Ms Patricia DeLoatche

Patricia DeLoatche


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Preliminary considerations for healthcare industry for 116th Congress
USA | 13 February 2019

Health policy issues are high on the agenda of the new Congress. The stated priorities for the new House majority include reducing drug prices, defending the Affordable Care Act, addressing the opioid abuse crisis and investigating the pharmaceutical industry. Given the potential for at least some bipartisan cooperation on each of these priorities, stakeholders in the healthcare industry should be prepared for legislative and regulatory opportunities and challenges.

New Republican Study Committee legislation to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act
USA | 15 February 2017

The Republican Study Committee recently released the American Healthcare Reform Act of 2017, which would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Although the act has not (to date) been formally introduced, it is expected to garner support from conservative members of the House of Representatives and serve as a basis for negotiation with other key lawmakers.