Ms Anke C Sessler

Anke C Sessler

Lawyer biography

Dr. Sessler joined Skadden as a partner on September 1, 2014. For six years, she was chief counsel litigation at Siemens AG in Munich. Prior to joining Siemens, she was a partner at another top international law firm in Frankfurt for more than 10 years.

Dr. Sessler is a CEDR-accredited mediator and has served on various arbitration-related institutions such as the DIS Advisory Board, ICC Commission on Arbitration, ICC National Committee Germany, AAA and ASA Board. She served on the ICSID Panel of Conciliators for Germany until 2013. Recently, Dr. Sessler was appointed to serve on the governing board of ICCA.

Selected matters as counsel include:

  • representing a technology start-up enterprise in a landmark directors’ liability case, claiming successfully damages from the former CEO who had falsified books and records, and deceived shareholders about financial data;
  • acting as co-lead counsel in a directors’ liability case involving lawsuits against former board members of a German construction company for damages based on the negligent violation of their officers’ duties;
  • successfully defending a state against a claim for damages from an Indian investor (UNCITRAL, Brussels);
  • successfully representing five state banks against the claim of the insolvency administrator of a U.S. airline regarding an aircraft lease agreement involving complex questions of international and German insolvency law;
  • successfully representing investment management companies against damage claims of institutional investors;
  • successfully defending a telecommunications company in a post-M&A dispute against warranty claims of the buyer; and
  • representing an English publishing house in arbitration proceedings and expert proceedings regarding warranty claims and claims for purchase price adjustment under an M&A contract.

Selected matters as in-house counsel include representing her company:

  • successfully in various lawsuits and settlement negotiations against former board members and other former top managers regarding the embezzlement of funds and other misconduct (Regional Court of Munich and other German courts);
  • in a number of antitrust damage claims in Germany, England, Israel and other countries deriving from an alleged international cartel;
  • against the Republic of Argentina in a multimillion-dollar investment treaty arbitration case, obtaining a favorable settlement for the company (ICSID, Washington, D.C.);
  • successfully against the €150 million claim of an Indonesian energy utility enterprise relating to purported claims under an MOU (ICC, London);
  • in a successful arbitration case against a former Iranian business agent who had claimed €80 million for alleged services (ICC, Lausanne); and
  • in a favorable settlement for the company in two post-M&A matters filed by the seller of a certain section of the company’s former telecom business (DIS, Munich).

Dr. Sessler regularly publishes and lectures on international dispute resolution topics.


Arbitration & ADR

Need for speed – revised DIS Rules for Expedited Proceedings
Germany | 05 March 2020

Alongside its 2018 Arbitration Rules, the German Arbitration Institute issued a revised set of fast-track arbitration rules. The appeal of these rules is that parties can expect a binding award within six months of the first case management conference. As parties are free to agree on the application of these rules to all kinds of dispute, irrespective of the amount at issue, they provide parties with a high level of autonomy. However, parties should exercise their discretion wisely as the rules are not suitable for all disputes.

Third-party arbitration funding – an overview
Germany | 24 October 2019

Third-party arbitration funding continues to be a hot topic in Germany, with a growing number of companies considering using third-party funding and more international funders than ever joining established German funders. This article outlines some of the pros and cons of third-party funding in an arbitration context.

2018 DIS Arbitration Rules – one year on
Germany | 18 July 2019

In March 2018 the German Arbitration Institute's (DIS's) new arbitration rules came into force. The new rules are a good choice in almost every setting, offering competitive fees for arbitrators and institutions and providing a modern and efficient arbitration framework that preserves and expands on the distinctive features of the previous DIS rules. These unique factors are particularly appealing to in-house counsel.

Is effective intra-EU investment protection ending?
European Union | 02 May 2019

In January 2019 EU member states issued statements with wide-ranging effects for intra-EU investment protection. All member states pledged, among other things, to terminate intra-EU bilateral investment treaties (BITs) by 6 December 2019 and instruct investors not to initiate any new intra-EU investment arbitration proceedings under BITs. This article sheds light on the background of this development and its potential impact on investment protection.