Mr Allan Brett

Allan Brett


Intellectual Property

Charting the phenomenal success of the Patent Prosecution Highway
Canada | 20 May 2013

The Patent Prosecution Highway programme, which promises fast-tracked examination in Canada for applicants which have obtained an indication of allowance in an eligible country, has been a phenomenal success, and has positioned Canada as a highly cost-effective jurisdiction in which to procure patent protection with speed and efficacy. Applicants can benefit from significant cost savings without sacrificing patent quality.

New examination guidelines released for computer-related subject matter
Canada | 25 March 2013

The Canadian Patent Office has released examination guidelines for computer-related subject matter to take into account the Federal Court of Appeal decision in Canada (Attorney General) v Inc. The guidelines should be a welcome development to applicants for computer-related inventions, as they put an end to the Patent Office's assessment of statutory subject matter based on the inventive concept.