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Garon Anthony


Corporate & Commercial

Beware of Quincecare: update from Supreme Court
United Kingdom | 10 February 2020

In 2018 the Court of Appeal rejected a stockbrocker's appeal against the High Court's decision that it owed a client a Quincecare duty. In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal's decision. The client's Quincecare claim was held not to have been defeated by illegality as, in the circumstances, the fraud of a sole shareholder of a company should not be attributed to the company itself.

Upper Tribunal upholds Charles Palmer ban and fine
United Kingdom | 21 August 2017

The Upper Tribunal recently upheld the Financial Conduct Authority's decision to fine and ban Charles Palmer, CEO and majority shareholder of Standard Financial Group Limited, for failing to ensure that appropriate controls and mitigating measures were in place to prevent material risks to underlying customers. The tribunal agreed that Palmer had breached Principle 6 of the Statement of Principles and Code of Practice for Approved Persons and held that his failings were sufficient to justify the financial penalty.

Insolvency & Restructuring

Money transfer for specific purpose – High Court ruling on Quistclose trusts
United Kingdom | 27 November 2020

Quistclose trusts classically arise in situations where loans are made for a specific purpose. Disputes over Quistclose trusts often arise in insolvency situations. In a recent case, the High Court found that a Quistclose trust had arisen in a situation where solicitors were forwarded monies by a third party for a specific purpose.