Ms Fabrizia Orsillo

Fabrizia Orsillo


Corporate Tax

Impact of Anti-tax Avoidance Directive on Italian CFC legislation
Italy | 29 March 2019

The government recently transcribed the EU Anti-tax Avoidance Directive into Italian law. The decree's new controlled foreign corporation (CFC) rules are applicable from the fiscal year following that in progress on 31 December 2018 (ie, from 2019 for calendar-year taxpayers). The rules introduced by the decree have removed the distinction between a tax haven CFC and a white list CFC.

Tax Authority clarifies new CFC rules
Italy | 24 February 2017

The Tax Authority recently issued Circular Letter 35/E, which clarifies Italy's controlled foreign companies (CFC) regime in light of recent changes under Budget Laws 190/2014 and 208/2015 and Decree-Law 147/2015. The black-list criteria provided for CFC purposes have been significantly revised and, if a CFC is deemed to exist, material clarifications have been provided with regard to the taxation of dividends paid which are – in principle – fully taxable in the hands of the Italian receiving company.

Tax guidance on leveraged buy-out transactions
Italy | 14 October 2016

The Tax Authority recently issued a circular that provides general guidelines regarding leveraged buy-out transactions and similar acquisition structures, with particular reference to investments made by private equity funds. The guidelines cover interest expenses, fees charged by private equity firms, withholding tax on interest, shareholder loans and exit disposals.