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Competition & Antitrust

Israel Antitrust Authority publishes new block exemption for joint loan agreements
Israel | 23 August 2018

The Israel Antitrust Authority (IAA) recently published the Antitrust Rules (Joint Loans Block Exemption) 2018. The exemption deals with loans extended jointly by a number of financial institutions to a single business borrower and provides a more formal and broader framework than the IAA's previous policy of periodic public opinions, which exempted consortium arrangements from restrictive enforcement under certain conditions.

IAA publishes new draft guidelines on excessive pricing
Israel | 01 December 2016

The Israel Antitrust Authority (IAA) recently concluded its initial re-evaluation of its policy on the prohibition on excessive pricing by monopolies and published draft guidelines on the factors that it will consider in enforcing the prohibition. The draft guidelines structure the IAA's decision-making process in enforcing the excessive pricing prohibition and are expected to reduce significantly the number of cases in which the IAA will take action on the grounds of excessive pricing.

New competition regulations enter initial implementation stage
Israel | 10 July 2014

In recent months a series of new laws focusing on the competitiveness of the Israeli economy have been implemented. The Advancement of Competition in the Food Sector Law 2014 and the Advancement of Competition and Reduction of Concentration Law 2013 have both introduced drastic and far-reaching regulations that will significantly affect the activities of many corporations in Israel.

Food sector on target: new competition regulations become effective
Israel | 24 April 2014

Parliament recently passed the Advancement of Competition in the Food Sector Law. According to the law's explanatory notes, its main objective is to increase competitiveness in the food sector in order to reduce product prices for consumers. While this objective is noble, it is unclear whether the law will appropriately and effectively achieve it.

Draft guidelines on information exchange in the course of due diligence
Israel | 25 July 2013

The Antitrust Authority recently published draft guidelines for conducting due diligence in transactions that require the transfer of sensitive information. The guidelines confer ultimate discretion regarding the due diligence process - and the potential liability that comes with it - on the parties. Parties to a horizontal transaction should be especially cautious in order to avoid incurring significant antitrust liability.