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Can Congress speed biosimilars to market by limiting patent litigations?
USA | 11 November 2019

Thus far, biosimilar uptake has been low in the United States, with market shares for most biosimilars under 10%. Given the cost-saving potential, trying to increase biosimilar uptake has been high on Congress's agenda and there are many bills pending before it dealing with issues from a variety of angles. But will they actually help to bring biosimilars to market more quickly?

Biosimilars and the BPCIA: past, present and future
USA | 22 April 2019

While the biosimilar market in the United States has gotten off to a relatively slow start compared with Europe – where biosimilars have been available since 2006 – it has recently gained momentum and will continue to grow in the coming years as more blockbuster biologics lose regulatory exclusivity and patent protection.

Two bites of the apple: five facts about drug patent inter partes review final written decisions
USA | 20 November 2017

As of July 2017 there had been at least 363 inter partes review petitions filed against patents listed in the Food and Drug Administration's Orange Book and 74 filed against patents that have been identified as reading on Purple Book Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research-listed biologic drugs. Of these 437 inter partes reviews, 116 resulted in a final written decision. There are a number of lessons to be learned from these.

Pharma at Patent Trial and Appeal Board
USA | 06 November 2017

There has been some concern regarding the statistics periodically issued by the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board, owing to the fact that the reported numbers overlook multiple inter partes review challenges to the same patents and, potentially, different outcomes in those challenges. While certain drug patents have been challenged in multiple inter partes review petitions, concern as to different outcomes appears to be unfounded.

Property rights: a brave new world for patent owners
USA | 28 July 2014

America Invents Act post-grant reviews at the US Patent and Trademark Office have garnered attention, if only because of a seemingly high number of patent claims being cancelled as a result. America Invents Act post-grant reviews are thus an increasingly popular venue for parties to attempt to invalidate patents.